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Whether you're looking for French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Cajun, Southern or Continental Cuisine; from appetizers to desserts, for all occasions and for any size party - we've done it all and have the ability to cook it to perfection every time, to please every taste!

With the addition of Chef Mike Tran, we are proud to add another layer to what we have to offer! (We call it
Infusion from the far east: fresh and natural cuisine!)

Need a Private Chef for the day, a Server or Bartender for the evening, or entire staff for the weekend!?  We are here to help!  With Marie's at Your Service, your wish is our command!

Marie's at Your Service Catering is here to do just that, help you with all your Catering and Service needs!  To learn more about the range of services we offer, visit our 
staffing page, or of course feel free to visit our entire website!  Once you've seen it all, please let us know how we can help make your party all that you envision!
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